Friday, April 17, 2009

5 Reasons for Getting Commercial Auto Insurance

The commercial auto insurance provides security of auto own by you for the business purpose. The commercial auto insurance gives bodily injury as well as liability coverage. The vehicles are used for the commercial purposes are trucks, car, buses, van and trailers.
Different types of commercial auto insurance coverages are available for vehicles such as:
Business coverage:
The business insurance is provided for the personal travelers and commercial vehicles who are involved in any businesses. It is clear that the cargo companies, auto dealers and auto service companies are not allowed.
Primary/ personal coverage:
The commercial auto insurance provides primary coverage, which gives legal responsibility, cost of protection etc. The commercial auto insurance covers bodily injury. It gives protection from injury, however it is different from the personal auto policy.
Comprehensive/Collision coverage:

Comprehensive and collision coverage are available which covers defined threats due to there be some reason responsible for losses. The collision coverage it covers repairs, restore or compensate the totaled auto.

Garage Coverage:

The auto dealers are not covered under the business coverage but they are covered under the Garage Coverage. The garage coverage includes liability coverage, insurance for garage keepers and bodily injury.

Trucker's Coverage:

The Motor Carrier Act need truck owners to confirm to convene financial requirement because truck owner’s will responsible for any losses during the move. Looking to this the insurance company provides trucker's coverage to the truck business owners. Under the trucker’s coverage the basic liability coverage, bodily injury and trailer replacement insurance are covered.

The auto insurance either it is personal or business purposes are essential now a day due to security reasons. Looking to this fact the most state transport agencies and federal agency are also made come insurance coverage compulsory. It will reduce the liability and give proper security to the auto owners.

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